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Summertime often means camping, hiking, and spending more time outside. We’ve compiled some of our best essential oil–related tips for when you are out and about enjoying Mother Earth this summer.


Taking Oils with You

Since space is limited, a little organization and planning can help keep your essential oil necessities accessible and ready to use the moment they are needed. To keep your oils handy, you can try some of the following:

  • Place a few essential oils you may use while camping or hiking in 5/8 dram vials. Put these small vials in a small zip-top bag, tin container, or small padded case, and attach to a backpack or place in an outside pocket for easy access.
  • Create your own mixtures for cuts and bruises, bug bite remedies, sunscreen, cooling spray, wipes, insect repelling string, etc., and store them in an easily accessible location.

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