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Laurent & Chloé

Laurent & his daughter Chloé

Thank you for coming all this way to visit Studio Laurent Aromatherapy!

My name is Laurent. I was born in Paris, France. After growing up in Versailles (not in the palace but in the town just outside of Paris!) for almost twenty years, I moved to the United States to pursue my college education. Today more than twenty-five years later, I am still here enjoying the life of the American Southwest in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona.

I have been a dedicated user of Homeopathy medicine for nearly 35 years but the idea of using holistic aromatherapy and essential oils has always appealed to me as an additional way to feel better, strengthen my immune system, relax by using natural products… etc. However I never really took the initiative to check into it until recently.

In a world where everything is processed, more and more artificial and filled with nasty chemicals (down to a lot of our food), I must say that the idea of using more natural products to take care of our body and mind is very appealing.

My journey with essential oils began as I searched to find natural ways to help my family and I feel better, boost our energy level, immune system, help us sleep better, relax more… As I gained knowledge and experience with the essential oils, I became passionate about sharing the natural solutions available, helping people empowering themselves to take control of their health and well-being.


In my spare time, along with taking care of my daughter Chloé who was born in January 2014 with a Vein of Galen Malformation, I am also a Photographer and Graphic Designer. Should you be interested, you can visit my Photography and Design studio at www.StudioLaurent.com

I also enjoy playing tennis several times a week, off-roading in my Jeep around the American Southwest, cooking new recipes or trying new restaurants, traveling around the world or in my neighborhood to discover other cultures, new landscapes, new faces and immortalizing these special moments with my cameras. I have traveled extensively throughout Europe, the Indian Ocean region and nearly half of the United States of America and look forward to discovering more everyday.

With this Aromatherapy website I hope to present and discuss the natural health benefits of Aromatherapy & Essential Oils. I hope you will find this information to be useful and informative and I also hope that you will join me in creating a healthier life for you and your family? Please do not hesitate to contact me with any question or comments.

Enjoy your visit!


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