Business Opportunity

Ever wanted to run your own business?

dōTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade™ Essential Oils and Essential Oil wellness products are sold exclusively through Wellness Advocates who, working from home, introduce, educate, and sell dōTERRA products for which they receive sales commissions.

The dōTERRA home-based business opportunity represents a part-time income for many Wellness Advocates who share their personal enthusiasm for these products with friends and associates via in-home demonstrations and by referring people to personalized web shopping sites.

Others enjoy significantly higher sales commissions with a fulltime commitment to building global customer organizations and by sponsoring and mentoring other Wellness Advocates for which they receive additional sales bonuses.

“Network marketing is the big wave of the future. It’s taking the place of franchising, which now requires too much capital for the average person.” — Jim Rohn, America’s Business Philosopher

“If I had to do it all over again, rather than build an old style type of business, I would have started building a network marketing business.” — Robert T. Kiyosaki, Entrepreneur and Author

“I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.” – John D. Rockefeller, Businessman

“In today’s world, working for yourself is actually the safer route, and working for a corporation has become the riskier propositions.” — Paul Zane Pilzer, Nobel Prize Winning Economist and Author

What do I have to do?

Good question! As many other independent distributor opportunities, when you run your dōTERRA business opportunity you will simply sell their products from your free webshop or directly to the customer as well as creating your own sells team where you will also gain a commission. Every oil user is different, which means that everyone purchases and/or learn at a different pace. I teach classes constantly, online webinars, one-on-ones with no obligation.

What are the benefits of becoming a dōTERRA Consultant?

For a low registration fee of $35, you will enjoy the following benefits as a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate:

  • Privilege of purchasing products at wholesale prices 25% below retail prices.
  • Privilege of earning free product purchase credits in the Loyalty Rewards program.
  • Ownership of your own personalized web shopping site (no monthly fee) to which you can refer your personal customers and receive retail bonuses.
  • Privilege of sponsoring new consultants and receiving generous bonuses on their sales and on the sales of consultants they sponsor.
  • Access to your own personalized business management web site with no monthly fee.
  • Other special product promotions and discounts.

How do I sign up with dōTERRA?

If you have considered owning a home-based business of your own and would like to become a member of this rapidly expanding Wellness Advocate team, then call or email me TODAY!  I will help you get a quick start so you can begin earning and saving right away.

If you really want to get started immediately then click HERE and then give me a call so I can help you start earning and saving as quickly as possible. You will need to complete the enrollment form of your choice to join either as a new Wellness Advocate or as a Preferred Member.

What if I have more questions before I sign up?

Just ask! Of course do not hesitate to contact me should you have any question not answered here. I will update the FAQ page to provide as much information as possible, but you can contact me at any time via the form below or via email, Skype or phone. Don’t let distance be a deterrent, I can help people all over the world!


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