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Many of you have asked me what products I recommend -where to find more information about aromatherapy and essential oils, how to use essential oils, as well as other items that I might be using: accessories, books, etc.

This list is being updated regularly so make sure to check back here once in a while to see what I might have added.


Modern Essential (6th edition)

Modern Essentials” by Aroma Tools.
This book is the “training wheels” to help you learn how to use essential oils.
It has an A-Z listing of specific health conditions as well as which oils can be used to help the various conditions.

The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy
The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy” by Valerie Ann Worwood.
An awesome book about aromatherapy, with over 600 recipes using essential oils topically as well as aromatically.
It includes ways to use essential oils for health, as well as other topics such as beauty, maternity, men’s/women’s health, anti-aging, animals and gardening.

Essential Oils Desk Reference
Essential Oils Desk Reference” compiled by Essential Science Publishing.
This is an in-depth reference guide for the therapeutic use of essential oils, and it goes into detail about specific essential oils as well as recommendations for essential oil usage for specific health conditions.

Healing Oils of the Bible
Healing Oils of the Bible” by David Stewart.
This book gives a biblical perspective to using essential oils and natural remedies for health. The explanation of the oils and how to use them are based on passages within the Bible, and it also includes a good amount of scientific references to support the information.

'Dr. Me: Essential Oil Condition Guide' (Second Edition, 2012)

Dr. Me: Essential Oil Condition Guide” (Second Edition, 2012).
In a simple alphabetical format, this book explains the basics of essential oil usage, and recommends products that may help alleviate more than 50 different conditions.

You may find some additional reading suggestions on my Recommended Reading Pinterest board.

Searchable Databases for Specific Health Conditions:

There are websites that I refer to on a regular basis, all of these sites have a feature where you can search for a specific health condition and find information about which oils to use and how they should be used:



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